Construction Project Status

Flood Mitigation

MUD 140 has been actively engaged with its engineer, Costello Inc., and other consultants in developing strategies to mitigate the impact of rising Brazos River water levels on River’s Edge homes and business during an emergency weather event. MUD 140 has currently identified and is pursing the following flood mitigation strategies, which are in various stages of completion, ranging from the design phase to final completion:

Rio Vista & DRS Berm

  1. The Rio Vista Berm has been completed and runs east to west from the east bank of the Brazos River, adjacent to the Rio Vista development, to the rear/western boundary of the Rio Vista development.
  2. The DRS Berm has been completed and runs north to south from the northwestern boundary of MUD 140 and ties into the Rio Vista Berm.
    1. The Rio Vista/DRS Berm is one continuous flood protection berm running from the MUD 140 north boundary to Rio Vista. It was completed in two phases and is now maintained by MUD 140.

South Berm

  1. The South Berm, has been designed and approved with construction set to begin in June 2022. The berm is planned to run east to west along a portion of the southern boundary of the MUD 140, and is designed to prevent rising waters from backing up into the River’s Edge community from the oxbow south of Highway 90A or through MUD 140’s storm sewer system and retention ponds.


River Bank Stabilization Project

  1. MUD 140 secured a federal grant to help cover a large portion of the cost to construct a bank stabilization project, approved by the county and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to protect the River’s Edge and adjacent communities. The project was completed in 2022 (which included the repair of a significant blowout along the river bank north of MUD 140) which is now being promoted by the county as a solution for erosion in other areas of interest along the Brazos river basin.

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Flap Gates

  1. Installation of a flap gate at the Jones Creek intersection with FM359 to help prevent Jones Creek from entering FM359 storm drains and flowing down FM359 and entering River’s Edge.
    ( Completed with approval from Pecan Grove MUD )
  2. Installation of a flap gate at the Rio Vista Outfall to Jones Creek to help prevent the creek from flowing south through Rio Vista and into Rivers Edge. ( Rio Vista has completed this project.)