Please Do Not Enter Construction Site

For your safety, please do not enter the project site of the ongoing construction of the erosion mitigation measures along the Brazos River bank. We understand that residents have been walking down and recreating on the stone (“rip rap”) that has been put in the river. This rip rap is designed to fall into the river to protect the toe of the bank from erosion, and is not designed or intended to be a permanent foundation. It may be unstable.

Updates to District’s Ball Fields and Playground

The Board of Directors of Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 140 has recently authorized several updates to the District’s ball fields and playground for the use and enjoyment of District residents.

As a courtesy to your fellow residents, please remember to:

  1. Use the hand rakes provided to rake the baseball field after each use; and
  2. Pick up your pet’s waste.

Let’s work together to keep our park areas clean and sanitary!